Oil Field Pump Jacks Tanks

To better serve our clients, Montana Helical Piers is also an expert in supporting assemblies for Oil Field Pump Jacks and Tanks. Let us help you solve your foundation problems, with a solid solution.

Oil Field Pump Jack:
Montana Helical Piers’ experience in North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Utah and South Dakota, and their unwavering attention to detail, innovative use of new tools make our installation crews the best and safest in the industry. Each crew member has been properly trained and provided with model specifications and installation manuals to exceed your expectations for a quality installation, done right, the first time!

Base Installation Methods:

There are a variety of conventional base installation methods available, depending on the pumping unit manufacturer, model, exact project locations and potentially changing ground conditions.  Some base variations include full length concrete mat slab, drilled shaft support, slab and Helical Pier supported bases.

Helical Piers can be incorporated into a slab and grade beam system, pre-cast concrete system, or connected directly to the steel frames, to support well head frames, tanks, and all other associated equipment.  In the expansive frost heave locations of North Dakota and Montana, the Helical Pier system eliminates frost jacking or heaving issues

Oil Field Tank Support:

A Pre-cast Concrete pad is supported on Helical Piers in preparation for the Tank Battery.  Helical Piles were installed in a grid, and the Pre-cast Concrete tank panels are set with a crane on the piers.  After the concrete was in place, the panels for the slab were connected, then the walls were placed.

Pre-Cast Concrete Oil Field Tank supported on Helical Piers Piles

Pre-Cast Concrete Oil Field Tank Pad supported on Helical Piers/Piles